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5 reasons why Social Driver is one of DC’s coolest companies

5 reasons why Social Driver is one of DC’s coolest companies

With the magnitude of D.C. agencies, it is hard to stand out from the crowd. Here at Social Driver we pride ourselves on what makes us unique. Check out what our team thinks Social Driver is set apart from the rest and be sure to vote for Social Driver for one of D.C.’s 10 coolest companies!

1. Social Driver puts people first.

We work hard and play hard. Instead of just participating in the hashtag by posting something on social media, we decided to take “Feel Good Friday” to the next level. The Social Driver office closed early, our employees piled into four Ubers, and made our way down to the Georgetown Waterfront to go Kayaking!

Read more about our adventure here.

2. Social Driver goes beyond what’s expected.

Earlier this year, we partnered up with the Data Quality Campaign (DQC), a non-profit organization dedicated to using data to improve student outcomes, to redesign their website. We’ve centered the new site around our big idea: when students, parents, educators, and policymakers have the right information to make decisions, students excel.

Read more about the site’s goals and how they were executed.

3. Social Driver utilizes effective and creative frameworks in all of our campaigns.

We use many frameworks to position our content and campaign concepts and make sure that our work is always top-notch. One of these frameworks is the “6 E’s of Engagement,” which we sue to create content that Educates, Entertains, Eases, Elevates, Entices, and/or Empowers our audience.

Check out our video that further outlines this framework in a fun way.

4. Social Driver offers unique services.

We believe in creative freedom at Social Driver. Each client of ours is extremely unique and we strive for our drivers to get their creative juices flowing to adhere to the needs of our clients. Our team members are experts in their fields and are always striving to do better.

Read these 3 key insights from our web design team.

5. Social Driver actively participates in our community.

We care about giving back to the city that has given us so much through local charities and organizations. We recently volunteered at the Capitol Area Food Bank. In addition, we empower all of our employees in the office! With each one being such a vital part of our agency, we find it imperative to make sure they know we support them. This blog post about International Women’s Day perfectly encompasses our inclusive and accepting attitude in the workplace. Also check out our instagram to see more posts like the one featured below for DC Pride.

Proudly celebrating #DCPride right here at Social Driver HQ! @CapitalPrideDC #BeADriver #DCPride2016 #CapitalPride

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Think we’ve got what it takes to stand next to 9 other AWESOME companies in DC as the ‘coolest’? Let us know!

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