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Leveraging conferences: how to stand out through the noise

Leveraging conferences: how to stand out through the noise

While attending a conference, it’s easy for your message to get lost in the shuffle of many other individuals and groups that are trying to do the same thing. When Social Driver’s CEO Thomas Sanchez and Chief Strategy Officer Anthony Shop attended the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Conference earlier this summer, they wanted to make meaningful connections with other conference attendees. As founders of a digital agency, they know that the best way to reach the most people is through social media. Here are the three tactics that Social Driver used to make meaningful connections at #NGLCC16.

Prep your message ahead of time.

Things can feel like they’re moving a mile a minute at conferences. Because of that, it’s important to take a look at the sessions ahead of time and figure out which ones best fit your organizational goals. When doing this, you can prepare messages and target specific individuals that you want to engage with, which will help you stay organized and on-top of everything that’s happening on ground.

Pro tip: be sure to tag both the organizations and the individuals that you want to reach out to, and never be afraid to quote tweet with your own message! 

Have a unique value add.

For this year’s NGLCC conference, we arrived in a unique position. In 2015, we were named LGBT Supplier of the Year, so many conference attendees had heard of our company before. This opportunity allowed for our CSO Anthony Shop to give remarks at one of the opening sessions, which you can read in full here. No matter what background your organization has when attending a conference, figure out what makes you unique and connect that value to the conference overall.

Pro tip: Adding custom graphics and images make your posts stand out during the constantly-moving feed of conference tweets.

Think beyond the conference.

As we’ve established, conferences are a great way to make useful and meaningful connections. However, one of the best tips we have for leveraging conferences is to go beyond the conference itself and figure out how to bring what you learned back to your team. In Social Driver’s case, as an LGBT Business, we wanted to show how attending the conference was not only meaningful to Thomas and Anthony, but also to the team as a whole. Check out what some of our team members had to say about working for an LGBTBE.

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By: Lucy Mink
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