Culture | September 2, 2016

Bringing Social Driver Values to the Capital Area Food Bank

Bringing Social Driver Values to the Capital Area Food Bank

Putting people above everything else is what we do at Social Driver- It’s one of our company’s core values, after all! When we say people, we don’t just mean our colleagues and partners. Community service helps us remember that there is nothing more important than the relationships we make and the impact we have on others.

Several of us from the Social Driver team headed down to the Capital Area Food Bank on August 24th. Nestled away in a residential area of Northeast Washington, it was a trek from our Downtown office. After an uber dropped us off, Senior Strategist Alison led the herd, as it took skillful navigation to find the volunteer entrance. Check-in was a breeze, and the staff warmly greeted us.

After a brief tour of the warehouse, we got to work. Food comes into the facility via donation boxes from around the DMV area. It was our job to sort the food by cans, dry goods, water, juice, etc. We were then given shopping carts and labeled crates to place items in.

Although I had a blast laughing about the packaging design of a can of clams with UX Designer Jake and chatting with Digital Strategist Sara, Project Manager Anne, and Marketing Strategist Lucy, it was fulfilling knowing that my work was helping people at risk for hunger. The work was physically demanding, yet I felt proud of my team for helping to feed hundreds of families.

At 7:45 PM, it was time to wind down. We stacked boxes and closed shop for the night. We were exhausted yet still had smiles on our faces. At Social Driver, we put people above everything else. At Capital Area Food Bank, we practiced this by putting meals in front of the members of our community.

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By: Annamarie Nyirady
Annamarie is a copywriter at Social Driver. She recently graduated with her bachelor of science in Media Arts and Design from James Madison University