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6 Strategies to Optimize your Email Marketing

6 Strategies to Optimize your Email Marketing

In our digital world, crafting the perfect email is no small feat. With the thousands of messages flooding our inboxes each day, it can be hard to determine what works and why. Check out our team’s favorite tips about sending the best emails.


Think Big Picture

Why would someone want to open your email? If you can identify why your target audience would want to read your email, then you can begin to craft messages that generate success. This will require strategic thinking and knowledge about the audience. Testing email types is a good way to learn what your audience best responds to. We use the ‘Es framework’ to create content that Educates, Entertains, Eases, Elevates, Entices, and/or Empowers our audience, then we repeatedly test versions to determine which performs best. This results in a greater understanding of the type of communication our audience is looking for in our email communications.

Focus on Convergence

How does your email fit into your larger marketing strategy? Understanding how each part of your marketing strategy works together is key to driving impact. Receiving an email is just one step in building a relationship with someone online. Our team constantly innovates new ways to add social media into email outreach. Can we embed a tweetable post in the bottom of an email? Or perhaps make the CTA to follow you on other platforms? Mapping out the information you want to deliver, how you want people to get it, and from where will help you determine the goals of your email marketing efforts.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify  

What is the one thing you want people to get from this email? Overloading your emails is one of the easiest ways to make people lose interest. Pick a main point that you want to get across and align everything to that. Knowing what your audience responds to (point one) can help you narrow your focus. Do you want to inform readers? Then clearly state this in the subject, header, intro text, etc. Want someone to register for an event? Make the instruction as simple and clear as possible.

PRO TIP: Using two click processes for sign up can be useful for getting initial info from folks, like their name and email address.

Make it Personal  

I know, you’ve likely heard this one before. It’s a tried and true method of success. The more you make your email relevant, the better. Personalizing by audience preferences or even simply adding their name to the ‘To’ field can make impacts on the margin.  

Inspect Your Subject Lines

There’s a lot more to subject lines than just using a catchy phrase. Length and language matter. Depending on what you want to achieve, subject lines should be targeted towards a specific number of characters. A subject line between 60 to 70 characters is the least likely to result in engagement from the recipient – the “dead zone” of subject length. Subject lines with 49 characters or less result in a high open rate, yet subject lines longer than 70 characters have an even higher click-through rate.  

Subject lines with the words ‘free’ and ‘tomorrow’ perform consistently better than those without it. Words like ‘meeting’ and ‘quick’, conversely, perform consistently lower than subjects omitting those words. There is no perfect science to these words but the more you can test, the more you can learn about your audience’s preferences.

BONUS: to drastically increase your open rate, make your subject line fewer than 10 characters – this method was tested by President Obama and saw incredible success.

Add Accessibility into the Mix

There is no denying that a computer screen is way different than your cellphone screen. Many marketers only create emails to fit on a computer screen without paying any attention to how the email looks on mobile. However, this severely decreases potential engagement  as about 47% of emails are opened on a mobile device. If the email is not clear and easy to view on a mobile device, then you could lose almost half of your readership – which is simply not worth it.


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