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A Day in the Driver’s Seat | Summer Internship 2016

A Day in the Driver’s Seat | Summer Internship 2016

Getting coffee for my boss in the morning? No, we are more likely to be attending a SoulCycle class and getting coffee together. Interning at Social Driver has been anything but running errands.

The question I get asked most when I say I intern at a digital agency is, “what do you do?”. In Washington, DC, many people have heard of Social Driver and the culture of our company, but the concept of a digital agency is broad.

The Work

When I started this internship in May, I was told we were going to be focusing on showcasing the company. The interns would be bringing Social Driver’s digital presence up to the level that we provide for our clients. This was anything but busy work. This meant staying updated on the latest trends in tech to post to Twitter, writing new content for the Social Driver blog, and creating original videos to communicate what’s happening in our office in new and exciting ways.

Every morning, the ”marketing squad” meets to discuss the plans we have for the day. These morning meetings quickly turn into brainstorming for new content. The collaboration between the team has been one of the best aspects about working at this company. Instead of sitting around a table talking, someone usually takes charge in finding a new way to brainstorm by doing “quick-fire” games. Coming from a corporate background and not considering myself particularly creative, it challenged me to think in a different way and opened my mind up to productive ways of getting work done.

The Culture 

Outside of the office, being part of the Social Driver team has brought me to various events around DC. During my time here, I’ve had the opportunity to go to the Public Affairs Council’s 2016 Digital Media and Advocacy Summit where one of our Drivers was speaking on a panel about how to use mobile technology effectively for advocacy. I also live-tweeted at the PR Summit and heard from a variety of speakers that were leaders in their field, including two of Social Driver’s team members.

The Takeaway

This internship has opened up my mind to new ways of thinking and shown me the value of working on a collaborative team. It also reassured me that internships do not always require coffee runs. 

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By: Erin Fitzpatrick
Marketing Intern
Erin is a Senior at the George Washington University studying Economics.