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Feel Good Friday With Social Driver

Feel Good Friday With Social Driver

At the end of every week, #FeelGoodFriday trends on twitter. Last week, instead of participating in the hashtag by posting something on social media, we decided to take “Feel Good Friday” to the next level. The Social Driver office closed early, piled into four Ubers, and made our way down to the Georgetown Waterfront to go Kayaking!

One of Social Driver’s values is “Feel Good At The End of The Day,” which is why activities like this are so important to our company. It’s one thing to give each other pats on the back when we do good things at work, but to truly grow and develop as a team, you have to get to know your co-workers as people to better work with them as colleagues.

Kayak trip was a success! 🚤#BeADriver #WashingtonDC #Thedistrict #GoPro

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So, we did just that. We each had individual kayaks, and we paddled the afternoon away out on the Potomac river. We each had our own approaches to kayaking: our Senior Video Producer, Victor, played PokemonGo on his boat, while our UX Designer Jake took the road less traveled and paddled away from the group, finding cool wildlife on the river. Our Video Producer Jason took selfies with everyone using his GoPro, while I chose to paddle down the river while singing Disney songs at the top of my lungs.

After our hour on the water, we regrouped and headed over to Bangkok Joe’s for snacks and drinks. We laughed, we smiled, and yeah — we smelled like river water and sweat and we all had frizzy hair, but we had a great time. I’m so glad I can work in a place where I get to know my coworkers inside and outside of the office, and that I consider my colleagues to be my friends.

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By: Lucy Mink
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