August 4, 2016

Company Culture in Action: The Future is Bright Wall

Company Culture in Action: The Future is Bright Wall

How do you actually live your company vision?

This question is one I seem to be answering a lot lately as a marketer. When our Drivers are helping companies rebrand, re-message and help companies reach their audience, one of the biggest factors in communication is authenticity. Staying on brand and in your authentic voice isn’t just a novel idea, it’s also the most successful way to communicate with your audience.

So how do you make your vision, values, and key messages not just something that lives in a branding document but that is lived every single day by your team members? We decided to figure it out. Check out our own little way of bringing Social Driver’s vision to life and our key take-aways.

The Concept:  

At Social Driver, we believe that the future is bright, all progress is social and the drivers make history. To a Driver this means we focus on optimism, collaboration and constant learning. While this vision statement isn’t posted anywhere in our office, we wanted to find a way to bring it to life in a relevant way. Slack is already a tool our team uses to communicate back and forth on a daily basis, so we launched an internal Slack Messenger channel, called “#TheFutureisBright.”. The point of this channel is to have team members share interesting things they have learned and have caused them to grow so that we can all take what they have learned and grow together.

The Action:  

We made sure to emphasize that no lesson was too small.  People submitted posts from “The internet is 10,000 days old today!” to “I learned that one way to elevate your own hashtags is by including them alongside other hashtags that are being used more often and in larger related conversations.”

Everyone in the office took what they wrote in the Slack channel and wrote it down on paper lightning bolts (the perfect way to represent that the future is bright while combining it with Social Driver) and put them on a “The Future is Bright” wall where the whole office would see them.  As people contribute more lessons to the channel, they can also put more lighting bolts on the wall and watch as individuals, Social Driver and the wall grow together.

The Result:

Not only did we have people excited about the wall, posting frequently, and discussing it, but we had folks actually collaborating and sharing knowledge between teams in a much higher volume and frequency.

The Learn:

So, what did we learn from this effort?

  1. Tap into the energy of your team: We asked ourselves where our team was already spending their time. For us, it was Slack. For you, it may be scouring your intranet or internal Facebook page.
  2. Elevate to inspire action: We wanted our team to feel great about sharing their learnings and living our vision statement (even in such a small way). This was why we took the extra step to make each person feel as if they were part of a larger whole, with the physical display of the wall.
  3. We can learn from each other: After we implemented the Slack channel, we found that people from different teams were interested in what others were learned and actually used them. The web development team was using things they learned from the operations team!

Stay tuned to see what people put on the wall and their stories!

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By: Mallika Suri
Marketing Intern
Mallika is a marketing intern who will attend the College of William and Mary in the fall.