Development | July 7, 2016

Three Reasons to Update your Website

Three Reasons to Update your Website

Updating your website can be a treacherous endeavor not for the faint of heart. At Social Driver, we keep our clients’ websites up to date to avoid the havoc of an outdated site. Updating a site can involve complex coding and can be very time consuming, but is necessary to a functioning and secure website. Here are three reasons why you should keep your own websites up to date.

Maintain Functionality

Website hosting services like Drupal or WordPress will make updates every few months. If your site doesn’t update with these, you can lose functionality. When a website hosting service updates, they can change the values of components of your site. If you don’t update these values, parts of your website can simply stop working. Missing one update might not ruin your site, but if you let your site get too out of date, it can cause long-term problems that can easily be avoided by being up to date on the latest site maintenance.

Staying Up to Date on New Improvements

Site updates often help you facilitate the latest and greatest in web functionality and design. By keeping up with your updates, you can assure that you have all the right tools and features to stay fresh and relevant. Even if the changes don’t seem so apparent on the front end, things like site security and speed may be improved with simple reboots to your system. Think about these updates like replacing the oil in your car. Sometimes you don’t notice it even changes, but without these essential steps, you could be setting yourself to be less efficient later on down the road.

Keep your Site Secure

One of the top reasons hosting services like Drupal update regularly is to fill in potential security gaps. Every day new risks and protections are being uncovered on the web. When it comes to your site, especially if you have any sensitive data housed, it more secure the better. If you update these services, you can ensure that your website will maintain its security. Sometimes a website will find a way that they could be hacked into and they fill that gap and release it as an update, because they don’t want it to be publicly known what the issue is. If they say where the gap is, hackers could use that to find sites that haven’t updated. Instead, it’s best to just update as quickly as possible to keep up to date on all of the security measures put in place each time.

To help you keep your site updated, here are some resources recommended by our development team. will provide their users with updates on their sites. has a fantastic newsletter for developers  is a great page to stay up to date in the web development world

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By: Conor Ellis
Marketing Intern

Conor is an intern on the marketing team at Social Driver and a business administration and marketing student at Aquinas College.