Best Fundraising Software for Nonprofit Donor Management

Posted: January 16th, 2013

Relationship management is the key to creating and sustaining success between a nonprofit and its constituents.  It is critical to understand how much your organization has raised, who is donating funds, and how the organization can maintain these relationships and create new ones through various campaigns.  Along with having a defined digital strategy, nonprofits can improve their organization’s constituent relationships with a Customer Relationship Manager, or CRM.

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In this article we’ll take a look at some of the best CRMs and how they can work for your nonprofit.

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BSD Tools

Blue State Digital’s BSD Tools can support you with anything from engaging target audiences to executing calls to action. The company’s suite of fundraising tools uses innovation and experience to reach organization targets.  Among the many unique features in BSD Tools is The Mailer which can segment and target specific audience groups for email campaigns based on a list of variables including past actions and demographics.  BSD Tools also includes Canvass, a way to effectively track and manage all your organization’s offline outreach.

Ideal For:  Nonprofits launching interactive campaigns targeting a wide variety of constituents and tracking data in real-time over various outreach efforts.
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NeonCRM by Z2 Systems, Inc.

NeonCRM provides numerous options that are very reasonably priced for systems of all constituent sizes, from 500 records to over 500,000.  NeonCRM is an All-in-One solution that allows tracking of fundraising, membership,  event registration, online store purchases, email communications, and volunteers within one system.  The integrated online forms also make it easy for donors to set up recurrent payment schedules and see the impact they're making in real-time with real-time payment processing.

Ideal For:  Nonprofits looking for a user-friendly, one-stop-shop for their organization's needs.

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Salsa’s platform provides options that are not only great for tracking the bottom line, but for organizing data that’s crucial to growing your organization.  Salsa offers different pricing options based on the number of campaign managers using the product.  Some unique features with Salsa include access to Salsa Commons, a network of over 100 partners committed to helping you succeed, and options to add and manage organization chapters.


Ideal For:  Nonprofits looking to track and organize fundraising and donor data, as well as better organize communication at every level within the organization.


DonorPerfect is a widely used CRM that can either be installed as software on your computer or accessed online from anywhere, even your mobile devices.  DonorPerfect’s system allows anyone within your organization to track and organize constituents.  The DonorPerfect CRM comes with over 100 reporting options, or options to create your own reports, so any metrics your organization could need are right at your fingertips.

Ideal For:  Medium to large nonprofits wanting an extremely customizable product to work alongside your organization’s accounting software.

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Convio Luminate

For organizations with a large constituent base, Convio Luminate provides a robust system, accessible from anywhere, that can be used by everyone involved in fundraising for your organization.  Some key attributes for Convio Luminate include tons of customizable application add-ons, and TeamRaiser.  TeamRaiser is an online application through Luminate which mobilizes and engages peer-to-peer fundraisers.

Ideal For:  Large nonprofits seeking an enterprise level, customizable CRM to manage large and expanding amounts of data.


Salesforce’s Foundation CRM system for nonprofits is a cloud-based system with up to the minute reports, real-time tracking, and analytics.  The CRM platform for Salesforce provides scalability to grow with your members and donors.  Your organization can also customize your CRM with specifically designed and developed apps for the Salesforce platform.

Ideal For:  Medium to large nonprofits analyzing large amounts of constituent data who want to pick and choose specific CRM features to meet the organizations needs.

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By: Emily Williamson

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