(Social) Driver’s Ed

Posted: May 2nd, 2012

Earlier this year, we launched a series we call Driver’s Ed. It started as an internal lunch and learn where our team could share trends, technology and tools with one another. We soon started inviting close partners in to present, and eventually, expanded the guest list to colleagues, clients and friends who could enrich the conversation. We don’t just talk about cool technology for technology’s sake. We look at how people, as a result of this technology, can come together and do amazing things. Due to high demand, we’ve made this a regular series.

The development of Driver’s Ed was a natural evolution that mirrors the success of our clients. Creating opportunities for members of a community to engage with one another achieves results that could never be realized through simply talking at someone. We’ve learned that inviting colleagues, clients and friends to join us in dreaming, believing and doing gets us there a lot faster. So we are sharing as much content from Driver’s Ed as we can on the Blog.

We’d love you to join us, as a presenter or attendee. To learn more about Driver’s Ed, drop us a line.

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